Student Printing

There are two ways for students to print documents on our campus.

  1. Go to one of the labs, login and send print job to the lab printer.
  2. Install the Papercut app on your mobile device and print to any of the public printers located around campus (listed below)

To setup the Papercut app click here.

  • To purchase more pages click here

    SBU Student Printing Policy

    In an effort to control printing costs and reduce wasted paper in our public labs Technology Services has implemented a printing policy for all of the public printers. This policy applies to all St. Bonaventure students taking courses at the SBU campus.

    • Each student will receive 500 free pages per semester. Any student taking summer courses will receive 200 free pages.  Any fall balances will be added to the spring semester allocation.

    •Once the 500 pages are exhausted students will be prevented from further printing to our public printers. 

     Students will receive a “pop-up” each time they print informing them of their print balance.

    •Students may purchase additional blocks of pages located on the mysbu portal.

    • Any unused prints will not be reimbursed, nor will they carry over to the next academic year.

    Printing locations:

    • Students may print to the following locations.

         o Library Labs
         o Murphy 2nd floor lounge
         o Plassmann:
               Annex – B62
               Main lounge
               Student Success Center

         o DeLaRoche hallway between Walsh building

         o University Ministries

         o Dorms:
               Shay Hall basement
               Robinson Hall
               Falconio Hall
               Doyle Hall
               Devereux Hall
               Francis Hall

    •Any disputes about printing can be filed through the Papercut website. Click here to log into the web interface then select “Recent Print Jobs” on the tab to the left.  Find the print job you are disputing and click on the link to “Request refund”.  It will ultimately be up to the Director of User Services, Dan Donner to accept or reject any disputes.

  • Please note that personal printers cannot connect to SBU's system.