Technology Assistance

Located on the first floor of the library next to the main computer lab.

Hours of operation:

Mondays-Fridays  8:00 am - 5:00 pm

If you can't find answers in the support section below, feel free to call (716) 375-7600 or email questions to

If you are having technical issues and need assistance, please click on the Support Ticket image to submit a support ticket.


Account Information

Understanding your Bonaventure account
Your Bonaventure account is actually an Office 365 account. Your account allows you access to not only your new email account but also the Microsoft apps as well as the Microsoft OneDrive for file storage and sharing.

New students must complete the entire account setup process before you can log into your account. You should have received that information from admissions once you have confirmed that you are attending St. Bonaventure. If you did not receive that information please contact the helpdesk at or call (716) 375 – 7600 during normal business hours.

Once you have completed the setup process you will be able to change your own password at anytime and you can also unlock your account without contacting the helpdesk if needed.

We highly recommend bookmarking our mysbu portal ( and using that as your main login site. If you log into our portal first you will not only have access to your email using the link at the top of the page but you can also view other areas of our website such as Moodle and Zoom without having to login again. This is called single sign-on.

To log into your account, you need to use your entire email address as your username.

General Resources & Information

St. Bonaventure is giving you Microsoft Office 365 for FREE

employee office 365

Download Office 365 on up to five devices!
Compatible with: Macs, PC, Android, iOS devices

This is St. Bonaventure's intranet site, a secure site that allows you to access your email, register for classes, view your transcript, fill out student-worker time sheets, and access information for current students.

  • Many SBU instructors utilize Moodle, our online instructional courseware program
  • Check grades, upload assignments and perform other tasks 

Students can now print from your own devices including your laptop, tablet or cell phone. There are over 20 printers around campus including the academic buildings, the library and several of the dorms. To learn more about printing click here.


Additional Student Resources



Dan Donner
Director of User Services
Wayne Oonk
Sr. PC/Lan Technician

Kyle Carey
PC/Lan Technician
Christian Morales
AV Technician
Karla Bright
Instructional Support
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